2015-01-20 10_52_31-january 21 2015.pdf - Adobe ReaderTHE 2015 NM LEGISLATURE!

Much of the Digest this week is dedicated to what will be happening at the Legislature. As you know, for the first time since 1952, the NM House has a Republican majority. You
also know that this raises the possibilities for the introduction and passing of ALEC-sponsored legislation. We will be following a number of bills and taking action on many. As with the Digest, we base our selections on the core national PDA
issues listed at the bottom of this column. You can go to our PDA website to follow the progress or lack of progress of these bills. Bills will be added and deleted from this list with
future developments. We will keep the progress as current as possible. We also encourage you to sign up for our EMAIL ACTION BLASTS. And on Page 4 is a recipe for action for
those who might be new to the process.

Read the Newsletter for more information.

WEEKLY DIGEST January 21. 2015

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