January PDA Central New Mexico Meeting – January 15 at 7 PM

Central New Mexico Chapter
January 15, 2014
Home of the Greenbergs
745 W. Meadowlark Ln., Corrales

Please join us as we gear up for the coming legislative session. And get involved. We are excited to welcome Nandini Kuehn, who will dispel some of the Journal’s propaganda about the ACA and also Alan Weber who is running for governor. PDA has not endorsed a candidate for governor but we think you will want to get to know Alan. And the social hour after the meeting is always a lively time for discussion of all our issues. Bob and Maggie’s address: http://goo.gl/maps/DN6fC

Olga Eaton, Moderator
1] Report on January 12 Town Hall meeting: Laura 3’
2] Report on letter drops: Melinda & Paul 3’
3] PDA Day at the Legislature, January 30: Laura 3’
4] Update on NM Exchange enrollment and more on the ACA: Nandini Kuehn, Ph.D. 20’
5] Health News: Bob 3’ ( national and state legislation)
6] Meet and greet Alan Webber, Democratic candidate for Governor: 20’
7] Legislative issues: Paul 5’
8] Comments from any and all: Olga 10’
Conf.call re: School for Democracy: Kathleen and Lisa
Rio Rancho elections: Donna
IOT reports
9] Action items for each of us: Melinda 10’
Follow a Bill, contact your legislator
Attend a Letter Drop next month
Attend PDA Legislation Day, January 30
Get active in an IOT
10] Social Time

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