PDA Leadership Meeting in Orange County

Paul and I and Bob and Maggie attended a PDA leadership meeting in Orange County this weekend and also two big PDA fundraisers in private homes, one in Sherman Oaks and the other in Orange County.  Bob McChesney (Digital Disconnect and others) and John Nichols were speakers at the first event and signed copies of their new book Dollarocracy. John, a big supporter of PDA, gave a rousing speech in support of PDA.  The next event was also packed and both Bob and John spoke again and also Tom Haydn (right), on the board of PDA, and a big supporter.  It was inspiring to hear these speakers talk about the truly consistent and never wavering commitment of PDA to progressive values  and our most recent efforts in DC to avert an attack on Syria.  Tom Haydn and our national director Tim Carpenter were very involved in that effort.  And John and Bob have committed to coming to Albuquerque!

And Rep. Loretta Sanchez crashed the party in Orange County and spoke to the group!   Hard to believe a progressive like Loretta Sanchez now represents Orange County.  There is hope.


Tom Haydn
Tom Haydn
 Bob McChesney and John Nichols
Bob McChesney and John Nichols
 Bob McChesney
Bob McChesney

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