August PDA Central New Mexico Meeting – August 21, 2013

Progressive Democrats of America
Central New Mexico Chapter

August 21, 2013 7 PM

Home of Maggie & Bob Greenberg
745 W. Meadowlark Lane Corrales 898-9314

1. A.L.E.C. Exposed: Follow-up of video by Bill Moyers
a) History of ALEC: Lisa 10’
b) Legislative activities of ALEC: Bob 10’
—-Legislation sponsored by ALEC in other states
—-ALEC members in New Mexico Legislature (2013 session)
—-Sponsorship of ALEC-oid legislation by New Mexico ALEC members
c) ALICE:Explanation: Maggie 10’
d) Action we could/should take: Bill, Paul, Everyone 20’

2. History of lobbying: Melanie Scholer 10’

3. Forming an End Corporate Rule IOT – Lisa
Action to take – Educating public on the Trans Pacific Partnership – Laura

4. Follow-up on environmental issues: PRC alternative energy with state resources: Benton 10’

5. IOT reports/Letter drop PDA August letter to our Representatives attached – 5’
August 2013 Letter

6. Announcements of other events 2 min. each

Salt of the Earth Tour – Sept 1 – NM Federation of Labor (PDACNM is a co-sponsor)

National Move to Amend Executive Committee member Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Democracy Unlimited (Eureka, CA), a VERY dynamic and knowledgeable speaker on Corporate Personhood and the Citizen’s United decision, will be speaking at the United Universalist Church, on Carlisle, on Sept. 12

7. Social time