April PDA Meeting – April 17, 2013


Progressive Democrats of America

April 17, 2013, 7 PM

Home of Laura and Paul Stokes

295 Mission Valley Rd., Corrales

Leader – Bob Greenberg

1] American Anti-corruption Act: Review requested by national PDA.
Donna Tillman 5’

2] Actions taken by the Governor in response to legislative bills:
Paul Stokes 5’

3] Possible linkages between PDA and labor:
Carter Bundy
Political and Legislative Director
AFSCME, New Mexico 20’ plus 15’ discussion

The following is a seriously interesting and informative article on the history and current status of American Labor and a response from a union member. Mark Dudzic is the National Coordinator of the Labor Campaign for Single-Payer Health Care. He spoke at the PDA national conference in Winslow. This might provoke some good discussion with Carter.

Article: http://www.thelaborparty.org/LaborPartyTime.pdf

Response: http://www.thelaborparty.org/blog/labor-party-time-home/response-from-chris-townsend/

4] Singing our hearts out for labor: Jay Evans will lead us in some songs (words provided) that many of you will remember. Jay is a well-informed supporter of American Labor and also a lot of fun.

5] Issue Organizing Teams or related topics:
Police brutality Bill Kass 5’
Election reform Paul Stokes 5’
Health legislation and actions: Bob Greenberg 5’
Health Insurance Exchange
Health Insurance
Opposition to Corporate Control: Laura Stokes 5’

6] Next month’s meeting: ? Legislative Review, as a community forum.
Maggie 5’

7] Socializing