Meeting Minutes for March 20th Meeting

Progressive Democrats of America Central NM Chapter met March 20, 2013, at the home of Bob and Maggie Greenberg.

 (We invite you to join us at our meetings but if that isn’t possible, please take part in some of the actions our Issue Teams are involved in to elect progressive candidates and support progressive issues)

Eleanor Bravo, State Organizer for Food and Water Watch, made a very informative and interesting presentation on the status of GMO’s and Hydraulic Fracturing in the state. She said that whenever she talks to our US Representatives to Congress and our US Senators, they all claim that fracking is doing no harm in NM. However, Eleanor did some investigating on her own and discovered the following information which was very difficult to find due to its obscurity on the website.

This is a link to the the information that Eleanor and her team unearthed in the State Engineer’s office. It has now been posted on engineer Mark Sardella’s website and Food and Water Watch will be publishing a detailed report once it is verified by the research team.

Here is the Food and Water Watch press release regarding the anti-fracking bill introduced in the Legislature:

Food and Water Watch – Fracking Bill

Here is the story of the demise of HB18, the bill to label GMO’s.


Bob Greenberg reported on the Health Care Legislation:

Legislative Actions on Some Major Health Related Bills

Lisa Franzen gave a report on the National PDA meeting that several PDACNM members and Eric Griego attended in Winslow, AZ, in February. Lisa reported that after this Winslow meeting she is convinced that PDA is the one organization that represents her values and where she wants to dedicate her energy.

Donna Tillman and Dixie Trebbe have been elected Ward chairs in their respective districts in Rio Rancho and Marg Elliston will be unopposed in her bid for Sandoval County Chair.

Bill Kass has been working with families and officials connected with the incidents of APD violence and shootings. Following is a Call to Action that he is proposing and also a very extensive history of police shootings in Albuquerque. The encouraging developments in police oversight are due in great part to the persistence of the families and grassroots efforts to change the culture of violence and lack of accountability in the APD. These reports are well worth reading and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the information and join Bill and others in taking action.

Police Violence Solutions
2013-03-20 Police Shootings Background

Laura Stokes reported on her impressions at the 2013 Legislative session. She said that there seemed to be an excessive amount of time on non-essential items such as frivolous memorials, hazing of new members, endless hearings on Secretary of Education appointee Skandera. Mostly noncontroversial legislation was passed and the bills that would most benefit New Mexicans were delayed so long that time ran out before they could be debated or voted on. And the final tax bill which has aroused so much controversy was hastily passed without transparency or a thoughtful nod to the democratic process.

Paul Stokes reported on the monthly letter drop. PDA letters supporting the “Back to Work Budget” of the Congressional Progressive Caucus were presented to Representatives Ben Ray Lujan and Michelle Lujan Grisham on March 20 and discussions about the budget were had with the staff. Congressman Lujan voted for the “Back to Work Budget”. These letter drops occur in every chapter the third Wednesday of every month and are followed up by national staff with phone calls to the congressional offices visited. Also PDA staff and volunteers are simultaneously visiting Congressional offices in Washington DC to promote the PDA issues.

Paul Stokes reported on voting legislation at the Legislature:

The broad initiative for election reform this year was to modernize registration

Next PDACNM meeting April 17 at the home of Paul and Laura Stokes

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